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Weather Resistance

Metal roofing is proven to stand strong in the face of extreme weather. Be it extreme heat or cold, hail or high winds, the performance of your metal roofing will not fail. This can be attributed to the tight application of metal roofing, preventing elements like water and wind from getting underneath the roofing material.

Shingle Roofs Also Get the Job Done

However, the installation metal roofing can be a larger expense, and repairs may be costly, too. If you’d rather go with the roof option with more history, take a look at our roofing shingles. Traditional shingles installed by Atlantic Roofing Company are easily and economically installed, styled, and repaired.

Whichever option is best for you home, Atlantic Roofing Company can complete installations and repairs with expertise and precision to prepare your home for all weather conditions.

Roof with storm damage

(Damage from hurricane) Don’t let this happen to you!

More Benefits

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Energy Efficiency

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Curb Appeal

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Going Green

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