Gutter Installations

Things to know about Gutters

You might be wondering: “Do I really need gutters on my roof?”


Our response is simply, “Yes.” A roof without gutters is a roof asking for trouble. Gutters are a crucial addition to your home and can protect it from costly long-term damages caused by uncontrolled water flow.


Still have questions? Find out the answers to more commonly asked questions about gutters below.

Get quality gutter installation and maintenance with Atlantic Roofing Company.

Whether you’re building a new home and need a gutter system, or you’re in need of a replacement on an existing home, the highly qualified contractors at Atlantic Roofing Company can help. Offering five and six-inch K-style gutters, we have the tools to get your home functioning in the most efficient way possible.

What color gutters are best for your home?

Through Atlantic Roofing Company, you can pick the perfect custom gutter color to match your home.

Specifications & Dimensions

  • 5″ and 6″
  • Seamless, Aluminum, Stainless steel hardware

Our answers to your common questions about gutters.

How do gutters and downspouts work?

Gutters and downspouts work as a team. Gutters are installed with a slight slope to push rainwater into the downspouts, which proceed to keep the water away from your home.

Are gutters a good investment?

Absolutely. By investing in gutters from the beginning, you can save on high cost fixes down the road. Without gutters, water will run freely down the side of your home and may cause the following costly issues:

  • Erosion of the soil around your home
  • Cracking of sidewalks, patios, and driveways
  • Water damage to siding
  • Flooding
  • Foundation issues

How often should gutters be cleaned?

On average, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year at the beginning of the transitional seasons, fall and spring. Be sure to check periodically for clogs if water drainage appears to be functioning incorrectly.

What are gutters made of?

Gutters can be made from a variety of materials. Atlantic Roofing Company offers quality seamless, aluminum, and stainless steel options.