Fortified Grant Program


If your home is insured by the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCUIA) your home may be eligible for a $6000 grant towards the purchase and installation of a new Fortified Roof.


Did you know the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association is now offering the Strengthen Your Roof (SYR) and Strengthen Your Coastal Roof (SYCR) grant programs to assist policyholders in the Wilmington areas including New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties?  This new grant program will help better shield your home from the risk of hurricanes.

People living in these areas could be eligible for up to a $6000 grant to cover a new IBHS fortified roof

For more information about these grants, call:

1-844-NCROOFS (844-627-6637) or 1-877-GRANTNC (877-472-6862) OR CLICK TO CONTACT

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