5V Metal Crimp Roof

The classic metal roof look, 5V Crimp is named for the five overlapping “V” shaped crimps in the panels. See the timeless appeal 5V Crimp roofing can add to any home in our portfolio.

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Multi-Rib Metal Roof

Another stylish choice, multi-rib metal roofs’ wide panels offer improved weather resistance and top quality leak protection. Check out some images of past multi-rib roofs we’ve installed.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Defined by its deep, vertical standing ribs, standing seam is a growing choice. Browse our past projects to see how standing seam roofs can add a bold flair to your curb appeal.

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Atlantic Roofing Company also installs high-quality, durable asphalt shingles. With a modern architectural style and bold color options, you’ll find shingles to match any home.

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