Hurricane season is here!


Hurricane season is here, now is the time to consider a new metal roof. Due to the way metal roofing panels are constructed and installed, metal roofs are extremely resistant to wind damage.  Metal roofs are installed with a continuous piece that extend from the ridge to the eave.  This minimized the areas when wind and precipitation can penetrate beneath the roofing materials, making metals roofs wind resistant. The manufacturers we use meet the toughest codes, including Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code Approval, with materials withstanding winds up to 120 mph.


If you are tired of repairing your roof after a hurricane or storm, give us a call today at 910-799-3858.  We service Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Topsail Beach, Jacksonville, New Bern, Leland, Southport, Ocean Isle and surrounding areas.