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Learn How to Clean Out Your Gutters in Wilmington, NC

Your gutters and downspouts play a more important role than you may think. They direct water away from your home’s foundation, keeping it from flowing into your basement and protect your siding and fascia from water damage and rot. Not having working gutters can cost you thousands in long-term damages.

Gutters have a difficult time of doing their job if they’re overflowing with leaves, sticks, and yard waste. Making sure you properly keep your gutters free of debris helps protect the health of your home. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters of your Wilmington, North Carolina, home is one of the easiest chores you can do.

How to Clean Your Gutters in Wilmington, NC

Experts recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. Clearing it out at the start of spring prepares it for the rainiest months, and cleaning it in the early fall takes care of the debris built up over summer. However, if your gutters are overflowing, you should empty them immediately.

Gather Your Tools

  • A sturdy ladder
  • Durable work or rubber gloves
  • A bucket or trash bag
  • A hose with spray attachment
  • A garden trowel or other scooping tool

Cleaning the Gutter

Since you will be high off the ground, it is important to be careful. Make sure to set your ladder on stable ground. If possible, have someone there to help support the ladder and assist you in case you fall.

Set your ladder up close to the down spout. Starting at the spout and working your way down keeps you from accidentally pushing debris down into the opening.

Make sure that your bucket or bag is secured. From the ladder, reach into the gutter and scoop out waste, depositing it into your container. You can use your gloved hands to get out any stubborn messes. When you finish one area, climb down, move the ladder a bit further down the roof and start again until the whole gutter is taken care of.

Clearing the Downspout

If your downspout has a clog, you’ll need to take care of them before you can rinse out the gutters.

The simplest tool for getting rid of clogs is your garden hose. Turn the water pressure up as high as you can, and spray water up into the spout. This knocks loose debris but can have a difficult time reaching the top.

Next, spray water down into the downspout to blow out remaining clogs. Creating a seal around the nozzle with a rag can help by preventing overflow.

If the downspout is still clogged, you may need to use a drain snake to dig out any additional waste. Finish the job by rinsing out the gutters with the hose until everything washes away.

Need Repairs?

While cleaning your gutters, you may notice dents, dings, tears, or leaks in them. Damaged gutters can’t do their jobs as well, so get them repaired or replaced as soon as you can.

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