signs of storm damage that can be repaired by your local roofing company

How to Identify Storm Damage On Your Roof

A storm-damaged roof can spell trouble for your Wilmington home. Storm conditions like rain, hail, lightning, and heavy winds can leave your roof unable to properly protect your home. A damaged roof can also cost you money in energy costs.

Save money by identifying storm damage early. Here are some things you should look for, so you know when you need to call your local roofing company for repairs.

How to Identify Storm Damage so You Call Call Your Local Roofing Company

Sometimes roof damage is easy to notice. If shingles are missing or there are large dents or tears in your roof, you can probably identify the issue from the ground.

Other times, storm damage may take a more careful eye to spot, and even small issues may eventually cause significant problems down the road. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your roof inspection is thorough.

What to Look for Outside Your Roof

If you’re going to climb on your roof, make sure to practice proper safety measures. Make sure to use a decent ladder with strong footing, and make sure you wear soft soled shoes for better traction. You may also want a friend or family member nearby in case of a fall.

If you are ever concerned about the safety, hire a professional roofing company, like Atlantic Roofing Company, to inspect your roof.

Once you are on your roof, start to look around for obvious signs of damage. This will include broken, missing, or torn shingles.

Next, check for more subtle problems. High winds and rain may have caused some shingles to have curled or bent up. Fallen debris or a hail may have knocked some of the granulation off your shingles. This form of damage can be difficult to notice, and often appears as a small dent.

What to Look for Inside Your Home

Your job doesn’t end at the outdoor inspection. Examine your roof from the other side to find out if your roof may have developed a leak in a recent storm. Check your attic for brown, yellow, or black stains, which would indicate a leak. Peeling paint may also point to water damage.

Not sure about what you’re looking at? Call in Atlantic Roofing Company for a second opinion. With years of experience working on roofs in Wilmington, North Carolina, we can quickly identify storm damage and suggest solutions.

Call for Repairs

If your roof has sustained storm damage, call in your local roofing company for repairs. Acting fast can help protect your possessions and home from an active leak.

Atlantic Roofing Company can repair or replace your shingle or metal roof so you’ll be prepared for the next storm. Contact us today for a free cost estimate on your job.