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How to Choose a Color for Your New Metal Roof

Your metal roof is more than just cover. As one of the largest and most visible aspects of your home’s exterior, it has a huge effect on your curb appeal. This and the longevity of metal roofing makes picking the right color important. You’ve got dozens of options, but which one is right for your home?

Here are some factors to consider when narrowing down your search for a metal roofing color.

Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Color for Your Home

Prioritize Brick or Stone Details

When looking into metal roofing colors, make sure you’re focused on complementing any brick or stone detailing you may have over siding colors. Why? Because those details are usually permanent fixtures in your home’s design that are very difficult to change.

By contrast, repainting your siding to match your roof is relatively affordable and easy.

Use It to Contrast Main Colors

One way to make your home’s color scheme pop is to choose a bold contrasting color for your metal roof. To keep this color from looking out of place against the siding, you can paint other accent details, like shutters, doors, and exterior trim, to match your roof. This will marry the two colors together into a unified scheme.

Match the Rest of the Home

You can also go the opposite direction and choose a matching roof color. This may be a darker or lighter shade of your current siding. Just make sure to avoid shades that are too similar to the rest of your home, as it can muddy the appearance.

Beat the Heat

The summer heat can become unbearable in subtropical Wilmington, North Carolina. We’ve written about how metal roofing can help you keep your home cooler, but you can increase these cooling effects by choosing a lighter color. Lighter colors reflect more sunlight, which means less heat is absorbed into your home.

Check Your HOA

Make sure to consult your homeowner’s association regulations before starting on installation. Sometimes communities set guidelines about what colors are allowed or not allowed on homes.

Still unsure of what color to choose for your new metal roofing? Check out Atlantic Roofing Company’s portfolio of Wilmington roofing projects for some ideas. You can also contact us at (910) 799-3858 to learn more about color options.