close up of a green metal roof installed by metal roofing contractors

Things You Need to Ask Your Metal Roofing Contractor

Having a new metal roof installed is one of the most significant home improvements you can undertake for your home. Your roof protects your house, impacts your curb appeal, and affects your home’s temperature and energy consumption. For this reason, you need to ensure you’re working with the best metal roofing contractor you can find.

But how can you determine if a company is up to the job? Start by making sure they can answer these questions.

Questions to Ask Any Metal Roofing Contractor You Want to Work With

Do You Have a Portfolio?

The best way to judge any metal roofing contractor is by taking a look at their past work. A portfolio will give you an accurate look at what you can expect from your own roofing project.

Can I Talk to Past Customers?

A photo can only tell you so much. What did past customers think of their finished roofs? What was their opinion of the workers? How have their roofs held up? Any quality roofing company should be able to produce a list of references.

Are You Licensed?

A license is an indicator of a contractor’s experience and expertise. Your metal roofing contractor should be able to show a copy of theirs.

Are You Insured?

Ask if their workers are covered by workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. If a contractor is uninsured, you may be held liable in the rare instance of an accident.

Will You Clean Up After Your Work?

Having a new metal roof installed creates a lot of refuse. Make sure you aren’t going to be left to clean it up. The company you go with should bring their own refuse container and dispose of the waste themselves.

What Will You Do to Protect My Property?

Between the refuse, tools, materials, ladders, and workers moving around, having a new metal roof installed can take a toll on your landscape. Ask any company you consider if they have a concrete plan for how they will protect your yard.

Do You Offer Warranties on Your Roofs?

A good warranty helps cover issues that may arise with your roof. Metal roofing warranties typically last around 50 years.

Is Your Company Locally Operated?

A warranty won’t do you much good if the contractor isn’t around to honor it. Make sure that the company you work is an established local company. They should have an area phone number and address.

What Will You Do If It Rains?

Good contractors will keep a close eye on the forecast, keeping them from being caught off guard by inclimate weather. In cases of unexpected rain, they should have a plan to protect your partially finished roof from water damage.

Work With a Quality Metal Roofing Contractor in Wilmington, NC

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