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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips from Your NC Roofing Company

We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” But these showers often last well into the summer, especially in coastal regions that face the threats of hurricane season. Let’s dive into three important tips for keeping your roof primed and ready for Wilmington, North Carolina’s spring and summer seasons.

Spring Maintenance — And How Atlantic Roofing Company Can Help

Inspect your roof for visible damage

Start by thoroughly inspecting your roof for loose shingles or metal panels, as well as damaged flashing. Loose roofing lets water enter the home, which can then weaken wood components and cause serious structural damage.

Try to perform the inspection with binoculars or another visual aid instead of getting on your roof. Prefer a professional opinion? Enlist your local roofing company for the job. We’ll even perform an inspection and provide an estimate free of charge.

Clean out your gutters

Your home’s gutters play a major role in protecting both your roof and your home’s foundation from water damage. But if your gutters are packed with debris collected throughout the cooler winter months, water could build up and eventually find its way under shingles and into the home. It could also fall over the edge of your gutters to seep into your foundation.

Check for water damage inside the home

One telltale sign of roof damage is the presence of water damage inside the home. You won’t always be able to identify damaged roofing components on your own, but the presence of water in places it shouldn’t be means there’s something wrong.

Keep an eye out for stains on the ceiling, and be sure to explore the attic. It’s often the place where these leaks are first seen.

Contact Your Local Roofing Company in Wilmington, NC

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