Beat Wilmington’s Heat with Your Roof From Atlantic Roofing Company

With Wilmington’s sweltering summer sunshine, you want your home to be your respite from the heat. For this reason, few things are more disappointing than finally getting to your escape, only to discover it is just as hot as the outdoors.

It may surprise you to find out that your choice in roofing may be contributing to the indoor warmth. You can cool your home off this summer with energy efficient metal roofing from Atlantic Roofing Company in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Beat the Wilmington, NC, Heat with Great Roofing from Atlantic Roofing Company

Try to remember the last time you walked barefoot across a blacktop asphalt surface in the summer, and you’ll see how conventional roofing can bring extra heat into your home. In fact, your roof can get up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day.

Although metal can also conduct heat, certain attributes of metal roofing make it a much cooler option, especially in warm southern cities like Wilmington, North Carolina.


Metal roofing adds a layer of reflective heat protection to your home. Similar to a mirror, light and heat waves that hit the roof bounce back off and into the atmosphere. Typical roofing materials take in the heat and transfer some of it into your home. This absorbed energy can increase the indoor temperature by as much as 25 degrees.


Another problem with standard roofing materials is color. Typically roofs are some darker shade of gray or black.  Unfortunately, these colors are the most heat absorptive. The darker a color is, the more light energy it absorbs, and this light energy is converted into heat.

Metal roofing comes in a many lighter colors that cut the heat. You can also get a similar effect by choosing light shingles. Atlantic Roofing Company has a variety of colors to choose from, letting you match your house while still beating the heat.

Energy Savings

Metal roofing doesn’t just make your home more comfortable. It can also save you a lot of money on energy. With a cooler home, your air conditioning will be able to take a break. Learn more about how metal roofing can save you money here.

Don’t let summer heat make your home miserable. Cool off with metal roofing or shingles from Atlantic Roofing company. To learn more about the the options we offer, contact us at (910) 799-3858. We are proud to serve the Wilmington, Surf City, Jacksonville, and Carolina Beach areas.